Sine Wave Rave Cave is a collaborative project done with fellow artist Erik Soriano that emerged from Erik's interest in interactive sound installations, my interest in creating physical objects, and our shared interests in abstract and technical sensory-based projects. Sine Wave Rave Cave features a fully functioning electric theremin, light crystals, as well as comfortable seating and stuffed animals for patrons to relax and enjoy the curated space. The main focus of the installation is a sensory activated object (replicating a theremin) that invites users to interact with it to make sound, based on hand placements to its sensors. To use this object, simply place your left hand in the left box to control volume by moving your hand in and out (leave your hand in to create sound/ consistent volume, take your hand out to stop.) For pitch, place your right hand in the right box, moving your hand up and down vertically to change tones.
I designed and constructed the theremin sculpture, and Erik Soriano built the programming for the theremin to operate.

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